Sunday, February 19, 2012

 G            C (9 fr.)    C
See her how she flies    
G                       Am7  C   G Golden sails across the sky C                 D7sus4  D7
Close enough to touch
Bm7                 C
But careful if you try
C             D7          Em
Though she looks as warm as gold
C       G            Am7
The moon's a harsh mistress
D7sus4  D7          G
The moon can be so cold
G               C (9 fr.)    C
Once the sun did shine
G                 Am7  C   G
Lord, it felt so fine
C                  D7sus4  D7
The moon a phantom rose
   Bm7                          C
Through the mountains and the pines
C               D7     Em
And then the darkness fell
C         G              Am7
And the moon's a harsh mistress
  D7sus4    D7              G It's so hard to love her well Bb                Eb
I fell out of her eyes
Bb                 Cm7  Eb  Bb
I fell out of her heart
Eb               F7sus4  F7
I fell down on my face
Dm7                     Eb
I tripped and  missed my star
Eb                F7   Gm
God, I fell and fell alone,
       Bb         Eb         Cm7
And the moon's a harsh mistress
  F7sus4  F7             Bb
And the sky is made of stone
    Bb         Eb        Cm7
The moon's a harsh mistress
F7sus4 F7                 Bb
She's hard to call your own.